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Good morning, or whatever greeting would fit for your current time!
I'd like to start by saying I am absolutely terrible with introducing myself & get super anxious with doing so.
I came here because I've heard a lot about this community from other people & figured it would be nice to meet the people here.
Also enjoyed a lot of the work of the members on here & thought it might help motivate me back into drawing again.
I tend to be very lurkerish & shy, but I hope to enjoy my time here & get to meet new people!
Most people tend to just call me 'Silver', but feel free to call me anything you like, as long as I'm responsive to it!

Also, if the font & color is too bothersome, I'll be sure hold back on it.
I have a tendency to make things rather colorful & such unfortunately.


Meat Popsicle
Salutations? Classy welcome friend
I welcome you to this mystical land of creatures and weirdos known as FAF!
I hope we don't scare you away, enjoy your stay.


Sup, welcome to the forums, where the wild things are! I'm Moonfire dragon.

Well.. don't have much to say, but enjoy the forums!


The Arcane Sage
Welcome to our little game! first you must answer these questions three, what is your name? what is your quest? and how many landing modules are still on the moon? Ha, you thought I was going to ask about the average air speed, didn't you? oh no, that's four....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Wolves unite..... oO CHICKEN!!
Welcome to the FURums. Over here pretty much everyone responds to "hey you" whether or not it was specifically directed at them, so it is nice to meet you Silver. I'm SierraCanine, most people just call me Sierra. I trust you shall enjoy you stay, you'll never be able to truly leave.