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*Salute* Dusty is reporting for Duty!


Staff Sargent
Hello as you've probably guessed my name is Dusty. I've been watching the site off and on for about a month and decided to go ahead and register on the forums :p

Military Hardware
Role Playing
History & Disscussion

I hope to have a good time here :p


~Half-Orc Were-Bear~
Yay, pastries! -Tumbles in.- I mean...

Yeah. Hi! And welcome Dusty-

... -Cowers from the guns.- Okay then! Welcome...And....-Whimpers off, and hides from the guns.-


Staff Sargent
Nosense there's enough for all :D


Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
Welcome to the FA forums, Dusty. :) If you have any questions or concerns that you need addressed, you can direct them to me or the other staff members on here a PM, and we'll be glad to help you out in any way we can. :) You may also leave me a PM if you simply want to chat. 8) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)