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Same Fursona?

Your fursona?

  • Had the same one since the begining

    Votes: 49 53.8%
  • Have changed it a few times

    Votes: 29 31.9%
  • I've got a few right now

    Votes: 5 5.5%
  • I've got a collection going on

    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • Fursona? Ha, I AM A DRAGON! You just cant see me...

    Votes: 5 5.5%

  • Total voters


I chose "changed it a few times."
In retrospect, I think I should have chosen "same since the beginning."
My initial design was an aardwolf, but then I decided I didn't want one before I developed it at all.
Then, later, I decided I did want one, so it's a goat.


i have kept mine since i thought about it

changed small things about it here and there


New Member
I was a wolf for a very, very short amount of time, but I dunno, didn't really fit, and wolves are a little overdone, IMO. So I decided on an ermine, because A, they're small and cute, and B, exemplified my innocent/playful side fairly well.

Then I decided I wanted to split up my persoanlity, so I created a crow for my darker side.

That didn't fit too well, so I made a snow leopard for my thoughtful, introspective side. And...what can I say, it grew on me. [Plus, I've always loved cats =3] I still use the weasel from time to time, because it's just too cute to completely give up, and most people first knew me as a weasel anyway.


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My fursona has changed twice.

When I first joined the furdom, my furrie friends in HS thought I would make a good fox. So without any further thought I became a blue fox because blue is my favorite color color(different than my favorite color to wear).

This was before Star Fox, Dinosaur Planet came out on the Gamecube. No matter what, the more I thought about it, the less I felt that if I were to be something other than human, it would be fox.

However I sort of wanted to stay part fox because my fur friends indentified with me as that. With the rise of Krystalphiles in the fandom I couldn't stand being stereotyped anymore. I ended up turning around making my fursona a hybrid of an otter and a fox, and thus called myself an otterfox (with blue fur). However I felt like a hypocrite (for reasons I will not indulge on)....and realize that this didn't suit me either.

Then I met Zeke and while she was looking into her fursona, she came across animal I didn't know existed. I looked into that animal, and the more I looked, the more it seemed like me. So now I am officially a Maned Wolf fur, and that will never change.


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Only change was adding a small marking that nobody notices anyway. I'd better stick with this one, took me three years to decide. 9..9


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I first came up with my own fursona back in 2003, when I really didn't know anything about the fandom. Though I've changed a few things about his appearance, I've kept with him the whole time.

I do have a few other characters that I RP as, but I don't consider any of them fursonas, just story characters.

In retrospect, I should have added one or two more options..


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I have a few. I was a squirrel, changed to lombax. Alternate forms are mouse, mole, and poke form Charmander.


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Being a ferret fits me the best, but I have two other fursonas, a fox and a white lion. I only identify with them under specific circumstances, but they are very different from my main one.


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been a wolf-fox since i can remember. haven't changed


back'n up back'n up


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I have made a few minor alterations here and there but apart from that i havent changed my Fursona at all.


Always a little blue-eyed yellow cat.

Minor changes, but essentially the same idea.


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I think I've changed mine... once. :B I began as a dragon, but that really didn't fit my personality and shortly changed into a donkey.


Skittle has mainly changed genders and some color scheme edits but other than that, always been a butterwolf!


mine changed from a dog to a raccoon dog ^^