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Same-Sex Dating Question


Autumn the Squirrel
While I'm attracted to both men and women, I don't really have much experience with men. I've tried it, but it seems like everyone in my area is only interested in things besides dating. Considering my lack of experience, I don't want to jump into anything I haven't gotten comfortable with yet.

Any suggestions?


Tell me about it, like a good 90% of everyone where I am start to shutter at the mere thought of anything [not even an understatement...they literally collapse]. Best advise I can give as someone who’s made mistakes before... just make sure you really like the man before even starting anything and... well it can get pretty awkward lol.


Active Member
well for me i have dated 3 girls before but you have to make sure you really need to get to know them for a while , one was after a few years only wanted to be with me for a job , 2 she and i had all the same interests gaming , food , etc but she liked me but wasnt in love with me and it was only for a few months , and the 3rd well we just didnt get to know eachother that much ! sooo all of them broke up with me which was sad , so anyways my best advice is to get to know them before starting to have feelings for them and not go too fast or too far , hope it helps ^^ plus i never dated a guy soo no help on there xD


Well, gay, straight, whatever, don't ever do nothing you don't want to do. It can feel like the only option, but it ain't. You should always have a choice and the option to say no thanks.

That said, dating can be a real pain in the arse. I'd suggest going to events and things that are not specifically dating related. Gay dating apps and meet ups are honestly just hookup shenanigans mostly. But if you just go to places you enjoy, there'll be people there who jive with you without the pressure to make it something more. Then things can grow and bloom naturally at a more comfortable pace.

Good luck, friend. I hope you find a nice boy to smooch.

Sir Thaikard

The only times that I've ever been hit on is by other men and they were conventionally attractive men too. So with my experience it appears that guys are more assertive/aggressive if they're interested in you.

Damn shame I don't swing that way. Things would be a lot less lonely.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
I'm stating I'm confirmed a bi, and maybe ace if further(not too sure but I don't care my opponents' sexuality or anything as long as they respect me.)

And there's a guy who is addicted to me. We met in the military and are contacting even after we've became civilians.

He.. doesn't say much about himself, but it's made sure that he has strong emotions towards me. (At this point I guess he's a gay as I'm a guy, legally) At first, he seemed to be a typical that is determined on those beyond dating. But as we have done those, he still likes to contact me and would enjoy the moment even if the situation only allows us to sit besides and nothing more.

So.. I guess not all are into instinct stuff? But as it's been said that 'the thing' occured first, I guess... it's not a 'pure' thing. (Tell me better word to describe this 'pure', no offense. I meant the love thing.)

And the most recent drama was with him raging that I got sick as hell and dismissed a date with him without telling him the deeper details going on. (I feel no responsibility telling him my privacy, he hasn't even been my lover)

He became so mad that he started threatening me about my social relationships and stuff, which made me more worried and wary. I gave him his lost money from the reservations and ended the thing. (He might or might not be lurking this (he knows I'm in FAF), but I don't care. I'm confident)

And I think this is his fault at booking something without in regard of things going out of his plans. He should have been aware of losing the money and be it not critical, or he should be ready to be cool with losing it. (I do) If you can't cover that, just don't advance with that! It's that simple...

So there's another reason that I can keep him out of my line. I don't want an inconsiderate person as my partner. People say call the cops but I don't want his kins to take part in my life any further, neither I want to use my mental units for this, done.

Sorry that it became all my thing, but hope it explained how a 'not stereotype' person can also be. I know this has nothing to do with sexuality or anything, but I'm saying when someone is not bad at some part, they're usually bad at another.

Other than this, I suppose most people are into instinct stuff as my experience serves. Beware, and be safe. Always carry a sprayer or taser.
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The Brutally Honest Man-Child
Just take it slow. I would say focus on making friends. If you are meant to be long-term partners, you will still be friends a year later. And since I imagine you'd make your inexperience known pretty early on, I'm sure either of you could easily bring it up again later on, when the moment is right.

It's discouraging to see many people prioritize sex.