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Sketchbook: Sam's SFM Showcase! (Contains Ponies!)


Dragon of Chaos
I've been working on Source Filmmaker for close to a year now, and these are my best works. As in, they're the works I actually am halfway satisfied with. Lol.



And, a gif I made to celebrate getting an error 404 as I clicked upload a while back. XD


And, that's it. There is more art (If you can call it that) On my Furaffiny profile. I am not including a link as there is NSFW on my page. :p

~ Cheers!


Dragon of Chaos

Well, after careful deliberation. I have created a sona!

Name: Sam
Species: Black Dragon (Undead)
Gender: Male
Likes: Talking about stories and art, chocolate, mountain dew, cigars, casual company.
Dislikes: Drama, narcissists, close minded people, bees, spiders, the unknown.
Personality: Eccentric, introverted, fun loving, confidant, articulate.
Other Quirks: Likes hoarding nerf guns. When stressed, will kneed any small round object in wingtip. Has a crystal in rib cage that glows brighter when angry on excited.

I'm very pleased with the result!