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Sasha Bengal, et al


Lurking Tigress
So I figured I'd post this as an official thread, rather than just have it on my profile. I'll also add some basic info on other characters I have available for rp, in case anyone's interested. If you're ever interested in an rp with my sona or any others of my charries, just pm me!

Name: Sasha Bengal
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Orientation: straight
Species: Bengal tiger
Height: 5'8"

Need to get a pic done someday. Until then, this will do.
- Hair and fur: typical orange and black tiger stripes, with white underbelly and cheek fur. Also has long strawberry/orange blonde hair
- Markings: none other than normal stripes
- Eye color: piercing forest green
Clothing/Personal Style: Tends to prefer active gear, but will don the courtly attire as necessary. More similar to Arya Stark in wardrobe tastes.

Personality: Sasha always tries to be fair and level headed, but occasionally her temper gets the better of her.

Strengths: unarmed combat (both wolf and tiger styles), tracking, some skill with a sword, diplomacy
Weaknesses: Those she considers family; the honor of her family (such as the memory of her father); short temper

Hobbies: Sasha has little free time, and thus few hobbies. When she does have time, she likes to read and just enjoy nature

Likes: peace and tranquility in her barony
Dislikes: things that disrupt that tranquility... like dark magics

When Sasha was a young cub, she was loved by all. She was the only cub of the ruling family and as such, was well looked after by all. She learned many different skills, everything from being a lady to being a general. All that ended the day the barony was attacked by pirates. Though her father, Baron Lysander Bengal, and his troops fought hard, the pirates were able to kidnap many townspeople, including the Baron himself and his wife, Vitaliya. Sasha was able to elude capture by hiding in the labyrinth of secret tunnels under the town, just as her father had instructed.
Not quite a teenager, Sasha was hardly ready to rule her barony, even through a regent. She still had much to learn and plenty of decisions to make without the aid and comfort of her father's wisdom. Her lack of confidence in herself caused her to run away on several occasions between the ages of 10 and 20. During her time away from the duties of obligations of running a barony, she would meet with a wolf pack, who treated her as a friendly, young lone wolf in need of shelter. They were a pleasant and peaceful pack, and taught her many things. They educated her in tracking, hunting in a pack, fighting as a wolf, and many other things. She never told them who she truly was, nor did they pry into her personal life. They understood her leaving them for several months at a time as the ways of the lone wolf - a creature who longs for a pack but also craves solitude. Finally, after days of what they recognized to be self-contemplation, she left them, never to be seen in their territory again.
Finally having decided to stop running from her responsibilities, Sasha returned to her barony to take on the role of baroness. Her mentors were kindly, and helped her catch up in her studies. Her townspeople were amicable, seeing her time of grief finally at an end.
Now, she is a full grown Baroness, having proved herself as a Bengal time and time again.