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Greetings, I haven't been here too long, so I will make a brief introduction. I started my whole art anything furry art. I blame sonic, back when the genesis was cool. Though, my art looked nothing like the sonic artwork ever. One day I just stop right before my middle school years to branch out to humans which I did up until this point, I still do. To the point where work ends up in some galleries in the very less. I've been making art for years since I was young worked with all kinds of media over years, so I became a mixed media tradition figurative. I use furry art to work on myself as an artist in general. Savarin is my fursona I can't explain much about her cause well I don't want to spoil my storytelling with her. But yeah, I am making a story on the side just for fun. I believe anything can become a media, also I mainly draw girls, though I do plan to expand out from that at some point. At any rate, I hope you enjoy my work.


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Savarin wm.jpg

Wow, been so long since been in a form, figure this out. But sketch of Savarin I made 2 weeks ago. She doesn't always wear this bodysuit, as she only wears it if she is in serious battle. it's mostly never her many guards take care of that for her. lol
I do plan doing something with this, making 2 twining pieces since she has 2 fighting style. So it will show both weapons.
If you like sketch, fav her here.


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A Portrait of I Savarin a gouache piece on canvas varnish waterproof. I also forgot to link my post to FA to this here.

Savarin painting 2_wm~2.jpg

Savarin Olympia Divin _wm.jpg
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I made this few days ago limit my color used and time. Called "パステルモモ (Pastel Peach)"
Opal flakes on it so orange flae you see change color in person, from
blue to green to white or sliver, to purple. Hard to show on camera.
I am selling her in my shop as an original art piece also one above it too. All coming with certificates. (all my paintings come with
certificate of authenticity)
パステルモモ (Pastel Peach) by SOD.jpg


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My painting "Licorne de fraise de chocolat de menthe" depicts Is a bit of lore Savarin's world if you have seen my introduction thread. Humans and furs both appear in her world alike. But only in special or extreme circumstances. They all have their reason but more often than not if Savarin doesn't see them as a threat nor does she find you first you may succumb to unlikely or maybe undesirable effects. Like this young lady who found "The Lake of Enchanted Glimmers," it's alluring. From the gemstones and crystals that grow in the waters, just a single touch can charm anyone. Let alone the sirens that reside there with their sweet songs.

If another furry were to fall in not sure if they would ever be the same.

Off the lore notes yes those real gemstone in the piece a heart and a pear amethyst and blue one is a topaz.
It might seem tame on art side things, but I figure why risk.
Things I think are tame turn out to be not, so I always hide it in any case hope you enjoy the piece.

Licorne de fraise de chocolat de menthe.JPG


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Mimi (adopt) By Savarin 1.jpg

"Yet, another one of Savarin's creations. She plans on dropping her in a portal sometime 7th of Dec will your soul cry hard enough to claim Mimi?"

Mimi (This is a stand-in name that can be changed.) is adopted that will go up for bid on Dec 7th please view the post here also watch if you would like a shot at her. She come with all you see her but the gemstones. Also, will include adoption papers, and a letter from Savarin, all will be shipped to you.


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I figure I dropped this here if any of you find my main art account.
Yeah, I do use real gemstones. This gem is boulder opal love this piece But, I figure just show this tiny bit to tease it besides it's just a human.
And not the main goal I do on my Savarin account if read why came back into fandom in the first place.o
But I figure I share I have been making gemstone, encrusted pieces for a good while now. I just wanted to share something since I don't have too many furry ones yet. I love this piece cause opal no matter which way you stand it always, changes color so, no one sees that the same way. Very eye-catching.

Happy hunting if you do, and if you think you found me, please bring the cheesecake. :c



Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Another look of that boop above of the opal changing....also yeah 2 other gemstones in play.
Dark one is iolite other is topaz.



Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
I figure show this random for type any fur that wish to part take in gouache or watercolor.
You don't need this per se but say you are really into it to make clean up easy on you for your palette.
Get one that is made out of porcelain it doesn't stain though if pigment stuck into it try using mineral spirits to get it off or if water not working.
Plastic one always stain and at some point you will never get it out. . .

And I know my palette has a bunny on it.
Pinkish it's a good time I got to go paint I will see you all later



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Finally, finish this I mainly made this for my ID on FA.
Not done though I still have to place those gemstones in her spell in the piece.
Like the one above this painting.
I got save I fell in love with this painting, made this on the Blick's paper.
(I have this paper for my commissions I thought would hate this paper, but I love it for my furry art.)
Also, this took me around 9 hours and 55 mins to make (not including the sketch time I think might been a hour)
For lore bits go here
Goddess Grand Star Divina Savarin un edit.jpg


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I finished this yesterday. . . I don't care for it too much, but I will draw Felicia again. This is just so I can compare my 2010 drawings of Felicia.
All my old drawings of Felicia are in storage so that has to wait until I do move. (hopefully, I am soon seeing if the seller agree to fix the roof of the home)
I do think it's cute, but I do just feel meh I know why I used to be scared of her hair, but I think I did a pretty good job here. There are some other minor issues that I think I know how to handle better now. So I can't wait to try again.

It's show time by SOD resize.jpg


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Hey been a while since made an update here after moving then, trying to get on the ball with things.
Figure I make this update post about my fine art prints I just release last week. Their so pretty my certificate too just spend a lot time picking out the paper for them.
And their just ♥
L exp1 PP WM.jpg
exp pp 2WM.JPG

his one is limited edition where I embellish it by hand to look like the original painting only decided on 10 idk if thy will sale or not...since I am a bit curse. (even though it was brought up for me to give it a go. lol)
These are $60 USD but I do have a Basic version when it's just pain but still very pretty.
Basic are $40 USD and are not limited they can always come back.
Basic PP WM.Jpg

This if it goes will will always apply to any of my prints in the future feel free to message me about them. (sadly as of now PayPal only)
Any who got to go back painting and not shooting zombies today. . .(if you lurk you know what that means. lol )
Though might make another thread on my prints on a later day just...had my hands full lately.. with these (x-x)