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Say ONE thing about you.



I give dog treats to wild crows and jackdaws because members of the crow family remember acts of kindness and I want them to see me as a friend and bring me shiny things. (This actually happens, or so I'm told.)


Dragon Doodler with a Tail Snake
Every time I am hyped to make a 3D model of my character... I immediately lose all motivation immediately.


Joy Boi
Im an IT major. Not done too much specialized work yet, but im getting there :3


Explosion loving skooma cat
A large caramel macchiato when I'm frustrated and I'll think about having your baby.


Just a Horse Trying to Avoid Life's Manure
I'm always alone it seems, I must be fun to hang around


Joy Boi
Currently im the most posted user on the site, because I have no life, no boyfriend/girlfriend, and I'd likely spend more time here if I werent a full time college student.