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Scale looking for maker


New Member
Hey all! I’m looking for a maker from anywhere really, up for helping me create my first suit! I need someone who is patient, not because I am indecisive or anything but just because the request is unique. I want to be an Uktena, a great horned serpent. I prefer realistic or semi realistic and will be happy to grant artistic license with things as we communicate. I am located in the USA and have references gathered from the web but they all bear discussion. I would like to have my suit by my anniversary on Halloween 2020 but am flexible.
Hello, has anyone contacted you about your Uktena head yet?
I looked up the Horned Serpent, and found that it is pictured with different types of horns (moose, reindeer, deer, and even fantasy horns) depending on who is drawing it. I have the ability to make plush horns in any amount of points / rack style. I can show antler photos or PM them if you want. It could be helpful in reducing head work / cost and time to be able to provide the antler which is light weight and holds the shape.