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I tried it once. It was the classic 'Nigerian Prince' scam, someone wanting to transfer X amount of dollars into my bank account. It's painfully obvious how these scams work; once you give them the bank details, they clean out the account. So I pretended to be curious about it and started asking questions like why they needed to do the transfer. We had a lengthy discussion about the legality of the proposed operation - a common feature of these scams is that they make the target believe that what they're proposing is illegal, to discourage them from reporting it to the police. Anyway, I kept it up for a week or so until I got bored, then forwarded the whole chain to an anti-spam email service.

It's sad how difficult it is to find and prosecute the parasites who run these scams. It was a bit of fun for me because I knew exactly how the scam worked and just wanted to waste the guy's time and wind him up, but many people do get genuinely taken in by them.
Too many people are gullible, lacking of cynicism and skepticism.


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Too many people are gullible, lacking of cynicism and skepticism.
Yeah, and even epithets like 'cynic' and 'skeptic' get treated with such disdain by modern culture, but they are very important life skills! I tend to prefer 'critical thinking' as a description.


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While I'm not into this, I'm also not against it!

Well, just here to say that your choice of 'fake names' is just... XD
Seems like you're having fun, OP. UwU☆