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Sketchbook: Scarlet's Arts + Doodle Dump


Rawr I guess?
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Decided to revamp this one as well 'cause I feel like my art has gotten better! ouo Huzzah here have some art. Critiques, helpful tips and stuff are welcome! c:

Scarla Ref.png

Center Stage.png
Welcome to the Panic Room.png



Thank you for perusing my stuff! <3


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Rawr I guess?
More art doot doot! One is an icon I made for my sona I'll probably be using as my avatar soon and the other is a finished gatcha that I'm hosting over on my Furaffinity page.

I'll admit, the color palette that was rolled was a little bit of a challenge to make look decent on a Sergal it felt like, but he turned out pretty decent in my opinion.


Rawr I guess?
Guess who's back after college and depression attacked once again and made me disappear for three months ope
But I'm safely on top of my classes (for now) so feelin' pretty decent! Have some art for being a good bean
Gatcha 6; Fera_Baby.png
Gatcha 7; UhhNoThankYou.png
Gatcha 5; Vallaria.png

I began a custom character gatcha a few months back, so these are a bunch of the finished character designs I made. I realized I really like coming up with character designs so once I finish the old ones I'm definitely considering reopening it because I'm planning on getting a new drawing tablet soon...this one I've had since I was thirteen lmao


Rawr I guess?
Got some cool art for y'all!

DreamWalker bust.png

Nightmare Woods.png

I recently got into DnD, so the first one is a concept sketch of my level four half-orc barbarian/totem warrior! Though she's tough, stubborn and quiet, she has a soft spot for animals and small creatures.

The other two works are concept art for an animated short film I have in the works!! I'm really excited! I'm a junior animation major in college, so I'm preparing to create my senior year final capstone film! The working logline/idea is basically about a young boy who learns to face his fears with the help of a guiding spirit: a silver fox. The other work is of the nightmare woods, the setting of the story. Honestly this film has a special place in my heart as I used to be plagued with nightmares, and so in a sense I almost feel like creating this animation will be almost as if I'm facing my fears vicariously through this character. That or I'm getting too ambitious. Either way very excited. Feel free to lemme know what you all think! <3