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School Performance

How well are you doing in school?

  • Exceptional- Straight A's in Honors Classes

    Votes: 8 9.4%
  • Good- Mostly A's

    Votes: 30 35.3%
  • Average- A's, B's, and C's

    Votes: 35 41.2%
  • Below Average- C's with some D's

    Votes: 4 4.7%
  • Failing or near failing

    Votes: 8 9.4%

  • Total voters


Sanity? What's that?
A's B's and in one class I am failing.....I hate all forms of math!


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I'm sucking dick right now

My band and geometry grades are the worst I'd imagine, and finals are fast approaching, and band is the hardest final out of the 5 I have to take
i see im doing just as bad as you are ~i didnt do shit this whole year~ but then again i strongly hate school just cause how against everything mine is


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I fucking bombed (not literally) school. :cool:
I passed every test and final with >86ish%... I just didn't do the work... :/
Ha! Same here. Public school was and is a long, Tim & Eric-esque joke without the absurdity or a punchline.

College, on the other hand, is serious business. Treat it like a job that pays horribly or you'll end up like me, kids.


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My favorite report card was in high school, all A's and one F in Spanish. The teacher adored me and couldn't comprehend why I was performing so dreadful in the class. The hidden truth however, I despised her guts more than anyone there (and everyone hated her), and frankly I just couldn't enjoy learning it.

I endeavored to keep a low C at the very least throughout the year, but what can you do against a final exam worth more than 50% of your grade in a class you disregard with scorn? I knew the outlook was hopeless, but I turned that exam in with a smile and a positive "I think I did okay" attitude. I could see the hope in her eye's upon seeing my confidence and I left the room hastily after saying the summer farewells, knowing that false sense of pride I just bestowed upon her (actually, she started to look at my paper(ABORT, GTFO)). That was real life trolling in my mind, how twisted it was to string someone along like that, had she known my detestment of her...

Never went back, biggest weight shrugged from off of my shoulders. It felt good to receive that F somewhat, and I was always partial to English personally.

College, on the other hand, is serious business. Treat it like a job that pays horribly or you'll end up like me, kids.
Though I haven't come too far through college yet, I feel as if I belonged here the whole time. I'm going to disregard everything before college.


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This semester was the GPA booster whereas last semester was the "eh" one with hard classes.

I got at least 4 A's going right now, but I could end up with five depending on how well I did on my 18th century lit final.

Was a good semester.

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I voted based on my college grades since I pretty much stopped caring in high school once I had enough credits for graduation.


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Gah. Rayge tiem.

I have all A's in my classesexcept 1 C. Damn Honors English and it's tricky prompts. >:[ 1 bad essay and my B gets pwnt. Kinda crazy, especially this late in the semester.


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Pretty sub-per right now, average GPA of 3.0 after my first year of college and only a 3.5 in high school, after weighting. Historically I have had very bad study habits and am a poor student in general. But this is not a problem because I maintain the GPAs I need get to where I want to go. Need a little work on what I have now but that should not be very difficult.

In essence I do the "bare minimum" to get to where I want to go. I know the material so it is not like I will be unprepared for higher level course material, I simply do not care for the 'work,' a habit I need to get out of very soon.


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I did reasonably well. Amongst my friends I didn't do too well though; but then, one of them was the DUX, that whore.


Got mostly Bs. 2 Cs were in English, where I just didn't understand a 1/3rd of the test at the time, and in Geography, where I was limited to C because I took forever to do coursework. The D I got was in History, where I thought I did fine on the test and got an A on coursework. It was as if my coursework wasn't even given in.

I did "Bare mininum" at all times. No revision. It's how I do things.


Couple of A's, Alot of B's and a couple of C's.
Only failed one course so far, but that was like 4 years ago.

Rakuen Growlithe

I didn't excel at school. I was in the top half but only got about 60-70% on average. It was up in the 80s for subjects that interested me though. Still it was pretty good because I almost never actually studied. When I had to do my finals in matric I studied and then I got an 80% average.


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Fuck yeah, got an email from my teacher about grades. Looks like I'll be getting five A's and two B's.


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I did better in college then I did in high school. High school I did average and in college I did above average


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Well, I've mostly gotten straight A's. Recently got some B's but college is getting harder.


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A's & B's

The only class I struggled in was Algebra 2 (took it this year as a freshman). I ended up getting a D in the first half of the quarter, then ended up with a B (86-93% at my school) by the end of the semester. I started to shape up and aced my final.
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im a total fail, nuff said
At times I figured that I want to learn things that interest me at the moment and not anything else. I had good grades, but they seem to have been a bit loose since the statement above.

That's why I also try things I like, and ask questions.
I have a bit better war knowledge and medical knowledge.
I got a baseball to the head.
I saw how boring things actually were.

Nothing really interested me there.
No thing.