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Cres Moon

The Crook
Space, the most dangerous frontier ever crossed, the slightest miscalculation in travel could lead to disaster. Pirates, aliens, the mystical forces beyond science all unpredictable in their own right. The year is 3457 four years after the war between the empire and the republic. The galaxy is still recovering, many worlds having suffered intense bombing, orbital strikes, famines, droughts, and disasters without aid. Such wounds have left a new market open, as self proclaimed super heroes charge planets for their services, mafias, pirate fleets, charging for protective services and a share of any exports.

The Republic of Equality forcefully pushing people to fulfill roles that they don’t desire. Making sure every job is a fifty fifty split in regards to gender. The more lucrative jobs such as acting, CEO, are handed out via lottery. Any offense on another person is met with the possibility of death or a fate worse than death. The Republic is ran by a group of self appointed like minded individuals, who don’t listen to any other opinions but their own. The Canid Empire, a group of systems where free will and an open job market is available provided you’re servant of a canine. The ruler is Empress Nyxen, a cold hearted, battle hardened, vixen. Her stubbornness is rivalled only by her quick yet cold temper. Rather than yell she rather cut your head off and be done with the matter. Her policies reflect this, as her government’s punishments are swift, painful, and effective. Here canines rule and all other species are to be enslaved or be treated as second class citizens. The Alien Race Coalition, is a formation of alien world’s and species, held together by a loose set of promises and trade deals. Each planet has a different policy regarding its laws, making it random and difficult to navigate. The one seemingly to hold the coalition together is Queen Nimella, ruler of Koboldia. Her ruthlessness, and disagree with me and I hit you with a crowbar attitude has kept things somewhat in order. While there are constant threats to leave she is quick to put down any resistance. However keeping busy with just holding things together, has kept her from truly turning the Coalition into a legit, organized force that could be used in a time of war.

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