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Sci-fi original character: Mer Nexon

This guy isn't necessarily a fursona, but a character of mine, sorry but i didn't know where else to go.
For quite a while now, I've been making lore for a sci-fi universe with its own lore and terms. I'm actually thinking about posting some bits of lore on furaffinity. While there are humans in this universe of mine, but there is also 3 other species. One of which is the Neto (which is a combination of the Japanese and Spanish word for cat) who have rather feline traits (fur, ears, tails, fangs, they aren't the Navi) but are human in shape. This is one of the characters I've made, tell me what you think and if i should make more of these, what i can improve on, critique it if you will
Forgive me if it is confusing, this is my first time and there are a few terms belonging to the my sci-fi (i don't know what to call it yet) that readers won't know and need to be explained, if you have a question then ask

Name: Mer Nexon (which is a common name among his species)
Age: about 25
Sex: male
Species: Neto, see above
Height: 6 feet, give or take
Weight: 240 pounds give or take

- Hair and fur: like most Neto, he is covered in orange fur with a white belly and chin
- Eye color: blue
Behavior and Personality: rather care free and lazy, but stubborn to a fault when pushed too far

Skills: Extremely intelligent despite what some may think, nimble and strong in close combat, small arms such as pistols
Weaknesses: even though he is experienced at combat, he isn't a superman, just like all humanoids he can't take too much punishment. His own carelessness is also a fault of his

Likes: fighting, relaxing in the sun, he's very easily amused
Dislikes: that a lot of people want him dead, the New Capernian Government, his brother

History: (i'm not going to explain it here, some time next week i'll post some information, bios, and lore on furaffinity even though it isn't necessarily furry)

Clothing/Personal Style: jeans, rarely wears a shirt because he says it is easier to fight without one (the real reason is that he finds it comfortable)

Goal: None really, he just wants to live. he also is trying to make money to pay off a massive debt that he needs to pay off.
Profession: former member of the Ember Front (basically the military/navy), former Union scientist (Union is basically like Megacorp from Ratchet and Clank or Aperature Science from Portal), currently unemployed

Favorite food: Pickled Terps, a fruit i created, their taste is a lot like a that of pickles and he also loves the smell (most people don't)
Favorite location: Likes Gallaley (one of the more technologically advanced planets, guess who it is named after)
Favorite weather: Sunny, few clouds

Least liked food: Bell peppers
Least liked location (town, country, planet): Marigold, Central, Dios, capital of the New Capernian Government
Least liked weather: slime rain, a condition on his homeplanet in which the rain has a rather slimy sticky feel to it.

Favorite person: Rachel, the two of them have a strong relationship, which he gets a lot of shit for because she is human and he is Neto
Least liked person: Former-captain Reinhart
Friends: a few that he met along his journey
Relations: See favorite person
Enemies: Wesker (hacker who tried to kill him more than once), Reinhart, vice admiral Tellman, rear admiral Randal, he has made several enemies along his journey