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Sketchbook: ScourgeFeather's Art

I saw we could make sketchbook threads here and I think that's a neat idea, so here's the thread for mine. c: I only have my most recent piece to post here now, but I'm looking forward to dropping new pieces and some experimental stuff in the future!


I wanted to break out of giving my chars simple t-shirts for once, so I made an effort to get over my hatred of drawing clothes and draw my sona in some new threads. AKA clothes I found online that were cool af but I couldn't afford/wear them so I'm living vicariously lol

The line thickness is a little weird in places because I worked on this in chunks days/weeks apart and accidentally changed the pen size on certain layers. By the time I realized, I couldn't bring myself to redraw all of it to match so it is what it is. It was still fun to work on and I like how it came out in the end overall, even if the lines irk me. I tried a new fur method for the tail and I love how it looks, but it also took a really long time so unless I get faster at it I might have to find another method that's easier on my wrists c':