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Main Site Script for favoriting submissions


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I've looked through this forum already and only found a couple threads on this topic but they didn't have anything conclusive in them. I'm looking to see if it's possible to create a script to favorite the submissions in your notification. I manually delete the posts I don't want but that leaves the posts that need to be faved. I follow 200+ people (and that's after trimming my list) and don't always have the time to fave the posts, so it grows quickly.

The script would need to be lightweight enough to follow FA's policies so it wouldn't be able to do a whole page at one time. I'm thinking like a line of images that the user clicks a button to do, waits until the script is run, then clicks on the next row.

I spoke with Miss Nook about it and she mentioned that Fave buttons have a key generated to them so I'm not sure if that would be a barrier to get things working. I have general knowledge of how HTML and scripts work but nothing enough to actually build one. If there is a way to get something like that made, I'd be interested to hear how and even get something working.