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Search Feature Request: Search Gender and Species Field


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You can use Search to read Titles, Filename and Keywords, but why not the Gender, Species or even the Category? (Ex: @Species Gorilla, @Title Part1, @Gender Group)

Would also help if you search for 2 letter words. "Po" from Kung Fu Panda is currently unsearchable because of the limitations, as are some shorthands like "WG" & "MM"

Maybe a function to search for a whole word. Searching for 'fat' might also include fate or fated, so maybe make it so maybe by putting fat in brackets could search for just that word and not words that have fat in it. (Ex: [fat])
I wholeheartedly agree, the search function is very limited without being able to search for the same criteria that you can browse with. For that, I would also add the ability to search by type/theme (I just noticed that the browse section refers to it as the former while submissions themselves refer to it as the latter; I'd also highly recommend changing one of these for consistency's sake).

The importance of searching over browsing for these things is that with searching you can opt to include or exclude multiple parameters so you can be very specific about exactly what you want and don't want to see, whereas browsing currently can only show submissions from one category/type/species/gender at a time.


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This is definitely a long plan plan, and one that requires better tagging on our part. Definitely something we can use.