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Art Trade: searching art trades or collabs ?

Byzance123 Rauss Khan

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I need to practice art atm and I will choose one artist who can do collab or art trade with me. Here are my rules:

- I will no draw humans, only anthro and I will choose depending to subject or design.
- Interested by biker, futuristic, cowboy, reptile, butt vore, butt, boobs, few birds or felines
- I need mutual level, not under. I am strict on art level except if I have not choice or for few reasons.
- NSFW or SFW, I don't care, but not blood, scat or hard vore.

If you want to know which ocs you can draw, tell me. Here are my mains ocs:

- Gilderock, Zopror, Green-Grey Lizard
- Tetra, Zopror, Fire dragoness
- Tretus, Zopror ,Green Yellow dragoness
- Hurdene, Zopror Indigo dragoness
- Boku Heram, Zul, blue Triceratops
- Abdel Aziz, Hyena
- Thebes, Nule, crocodile
- Basileum, Radratacen, Viper
- Andrinopae, Radratacen, Green blue dragoness
- Shaigen, Tiger
- Gastrobal, Equestrian, Purple Pony anthro
- Gara Hazel, Vedia, rock dragon
- Rovari, Equestrian, Brown Pony anthro
- Rothgerus, Forenborg, White and blue cat
- Zu Xon, Pun, green peacock

here are art examples I did most of the time: