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Searching for OCers


peace keeping minx
I've Oced with a lot of great artists! But I want to expand that priviledge?

lol. is anyone interested in a collab of some sort? maybe a short session ^^

hamachi neccessary!

i'm not gonna post any art, just check my gallery if your curious

hamachi network
pw: chyanne
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Multiclassed Artist/Technician
Sounds interesting, but may someone explain how does this oc collab work? Please forgive my limited knowledge of the lingo around here. :oops:

Edit: Dang it! :mad: I just found out that you weren't referring to the Japanese fish but a program named hamachi, which I don't have at the current moment.
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peace keeping minx
Wtf is with all these furs in VA that I don't know about? >.>

o.o your in richmnd??

and yea, i need the OC info o.o


The Texas Otter
ill doit, getting my new tablet shortly ^^

Ecs Wolfie

Hiding the fact he's a husky
Hehe, I'd OC with ya, But sadly I don't have a tablet, I can draw half decently with the mouse though seeing as that's the way I color my arts. If you want to OC (If my computer is nice enough to allow it to work) I'll do a session with you as long as you don't mind me using a mouse.


peace keeping minx
sounds good ^^ first post updated.

with my hamachi info