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Searching up for equipment for streaming (wanting help)


I shall keep the beats
As the title says, I wanna embark onto streaming like on twitch, but I have little ideas of what I need so here's the gist of things...

I know I need a capture card (because I plan to stream more console games over pc games, so prolly mean I can get by with not a "killer gaming pc" but still need something strong for streaming alone (side note, as pc games go, prolly mostly stream either rom hack/old games or games that can already run well on my currently VERY old pc), a quite good mic (ones with noise cancellation, especially for another side project I have in mind), a camera (for vtubing and as well in relation to that side project I mentionned, no need for a really hi tech camera, I can get by with a basic one) and finnally, opted for a tower because it's better for the long run

So what would you reccomend me to get?