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Second Life Builders! I need you!

To teach me how to be an expert builder.

I need to know how to make stuff that's better than what you can make with basic knowledge, I'm a fast learner, all I ask is you show me....I'd take classes, but none are available on the teen server x.x oh yeah, and before I forget, you need a teen account to help me....please do, I'm always open to learning new things ^^


there is some campuses on SL like academy of second learning,teazers,
PAU and others but that would help a lot.
damn if only you weren't on the teen servers i'd be able to help yah out. well atleast a little anyway. i can build housing. the secret aint in the shapes you can make that is easy to do anyone can do that sort of thing. no the secret is the textures and possibly scripting if you can do that sort of thing. the best advice i can give you here is start getting as many textures as you can and try to think outside the box on how you use them.

i actually made myself a nice slightly revealing jacket using the basic default building textures you start off with in your library file. and when i say building i mean BUILDING as in windows and brick and stuff. remember...outside the box.


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Build a box of grid squares.


New Member
I would help, but there are a few problems. You're on the teen grid, and I can build, but I can't texture for the life in me.


i wish i could help but i can't since i am on the main grid and i am over 18.i used to build a lot all the time but not anymore i find it really boring.