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Second Life: Role call!


Lost Wolf
Cause I know theres a ton of people here that play SL, sling your usernames this way if you'd like to expand your buddy list a bit

Erro Zenovka

I'm a builder in game, found more love for making things than using them. Usually open for commissions, if I can manage the project, I primarily build starships and the like, though I'm fairly open to just about anything.

Shade Rose

Shade Metall
im a rat that likes finding really dirty things / places
if you know where some filth is tell me ok
also where can i get a good avitar inflation going?

Soren Tylus

Mikal Tuqiri

Sorry if I'm not on often. It's hard to do much when you're broke and camping. I'll usually be in a full metal dragon avi. I wanna meet people!

And learn to build so I can make some L$...
And make my own personal avi...
And the list goes on.

Talk to me!


Furry, brony, anon - for lulz
Personally i dont do SL very much
Arguably its because i WoW enough to keep myself satified :D
To that end i guess my problem with SL is that its too difficult for me
Really, how do you make items and stuff?
I dont want to have to spend money on a supposedly 'free' game...
On the flip side then i know that a lot of furries go there,
To chat and socialize i guess
I think its cuzz while i do do furry stuff, then i dont consider myself a furry that much
Considering that my webcomic still has non-furry characters + i dont do furry RPs
Neh... In the end i guess its a question of what you're into i guess
I like the idea of the SL, i like what it can be used for
Granted, a lot of that requires that fork over extra cash!
Really, pay 50$ for what again? a set of wings, some goofy legs?
All i'd prefer to see in SL was a better and simpler object design interface
So i could make my own stuff - instead of having to pay others for it

I guess in the end i just cant be bothered - i'm sure if i tried harder i could learn how to make stuff in SL - but i dont really know anyone on it and i'm part of any grouping in there either (despite the joke... no, i'm not part of them either)


I haven't been on for months as I lost my connection, but I'll get back to it eventually. Making stuff for my raptor/dragon is fun.


I don't get why people say they can't build, I think it's kinda simple and a way to kill a few... minutes/hours/days/weeks.

Gray Fang

Snuggly Wusky Woof :)
Fangz Infinity

Playing there as a Aventity Husky Avatar crosed with a wolf avatar, added stripes and created new tail and ears and muzzle so... I am ME! :p Short playing as fursona, but shapeshifting quite abit as I got like 30 Avatars in there.

Can be found at my castle or Yiff Factory Club chatting mostly ^^ or in the basement creating soem evil contraption ^^

I build simple furry avatar accesories and sell on SLexchange and vendors in malls not best buisnise i nthe world but it's okey.


New Member
Well I have a SL account but I can't use it due to a crappy router. Hopefully things will work once I get back to my parents house next week.


Oops, didn't post my SL name before,

Kajet Seifert, I'm usually just hiding out at my place though

Not A Fox

My name is Nohbdy Blackburn

I am a normal person living in SL's furry community.

I am broadcasting in all furry dance clubs with crappy techno musacs.

I will be at the Werkstatt sandbox behind Ryder insane asylum everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky.

If you are out there... if any none-retard is out here... I can provide lulz, I can provide good conversation, I can provide awesome.

If there's anybody out there worth my time... anybody... please... You are not alone.
Absintine Ansar.

I joined up a few days ago and I'm lost, confused and broke. Come find me if you're willing to give me a hand , I'm on between 9pm and 12pm GMT in Rocket City Furmeet.


New Member
Finally figured out how to make the game work...

Now, what is there to do other then people watch?


Lost Wolf
Finally figured out how to make the game work...

Now, what is there to do other then people watch?
well, you can always say hi to me :p

If anyone is looking for assistance, I'm about the next best thing to a SL Mentor, probably better cause I will give you shit that they don't :p. I can help get set up with the right equipment, and show you where to go for what you need.