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Secondary Fursona - Axis <3


Axis - Because we really need more jackals.

I <3 him. Best secondary sona ever.

Name: Axis
Age: -
Sex: Male
Species: Jackal/Hyena hybrid
Height: 45" at shoulder (Anthro: 6'2")
Weight: 120 lbs (Anthro: 190 lbs)
Stature: Digitigrade
Often Depicted As: Feral. Very rarely anthro.

- Body type: Lean and muscular
- Hair and fur: Golden color, with tints of red; reddish-brown mane
- Markings: Scars over both eyes
- Eye color: Bright green
- Other features: Mane that continues up to his head, darkened from reddish-brown to dark brown. Worn to the right; spiky. Large ears that are always back. Curled at the tips.

Skills: Fighting, strategic games, manipulation, agile and accurate - very efficient
Weaknesses: Socialization, keeping a cool head, keeping ties with others

Likes: Getting his way
Dislikes: Having to work with others

Personality: Axis is very hotheaded, and often flies off the handle at the slightest thing. He doesn't value most virtues; instead, he's all for self-preservation. Outside of virtues, he doesn't value life either. If he had to, he could kill someone without as much as a second thought. This also makes him ruthless, often getting into brawls.
In order to get by, he just needs to be content with himself. He's extremely vain and confident, but is able to seduce members of both genders. His habit of one-night stands often backfires on him, leaving damage to his credibility in the eyes of others. He doesn't have much money, but that doesn't bother him either. He doesn't bother with things like luxury, but has nice outfits kept in store among his hand-me-downs for nights on the town. What he doesn't buy, he mooches off of others for.

Clothing/Personal Style: N/A (typically feral)
Picture: (Only a headshot)

Older Pic
Part 3 of a drawing video

Goal: Keep himself happy; that's it.
Profession: Unemployed
Personal quote: "In the battle between you and the world, bet on the world."
Theme song: Watch It Crash - Streetlight Manifesto
Birthdate: August 30th
Star sign: Virgo

Favorite food: Most meats, as long as they're prepared well. Spicy foods.
Favorite drink: Anything caffeinated.
Favorite location: Out and about; clubs
Favorite weather: Thunderstorms and heat
Favorite color: Red

Least liked food: Broccoli
Least liked drink: Odd juice blends
Least liked location: Cramped areas (he's slightly claustrophobic; after a few drinks, he's over it.)
Least liked weather: Prolonged overcast or cold

Favorite people: Ones that leave him alone or ones he can get in bed.
Least liked people: People that force their ideas on others.
Friends: He doesn't make many.
Relations: Multiple one-night stands
Enemies: Long list
Significant other: N/A
Orientation: Bisexual/doesn't care
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I really like his eye color. :3


Waiting for life to get good
Hawt. Secondary 'sonas are so much fun.