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Secret Santa- Art Exchange? Any Going On?


Is there anything like that going on anthro/furry or feral art? I really wanted to enter one this year since its been since 2009 since I participated in a Secret Santa on DA. Any links would be wonderful. I am probably too late anyway.

Or is there an event similar but I only give art instead of receiving? I would be interested in one those too.

I am not making this a secret santa exchange thread, this is merely a question, just to clarify!


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I don't know any Secret Santa on furry art. But if you wish to give art, you could create a Free Art thread in the Art Exchange and Trades forum for Christmas :)


I would be interested in some sort of furry Secret Santa too if there is one going on that is fairly reputable. I am still a little bit nervous about which ones I join as I had been scammed in one before.