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Im a noob?
what secrets (besides you being a furry,) do u have that don't want others to know, CANNOT BE ABOUT SEXUAL ORENTATION OR POLITICAL.

i'll start, I love latex, (not as a fetish, like I like to swim in it) and make pollen there, yes I can convert latex into pollen which I convert to honey.


I put the fun in dysfunctional
HAHAHAHA! You thought you were sleek, didn't you? Thought I would tell you I have a pair of Diddle socks that are my favourites?

No sir. No secrets shall be spilled here!


I'll poke your butt.
One time I clogged a toilet at a DMV with my giant shit and I left immediately.

Jackpot Raccuki

Aka the hot single in your area. (Not Single)
What secrets?
I don't hold secrets.
There's only OUR secrets.


Im a noob?
I know, I vore bloodlust
well eh Ill consume you, turns into the goo of death... u know what it is, it WILL KILL U ALIVE