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Fun loving kitty cat
I like raw oysters or fire roasted oysters. You build a fire, put a piece of sheet metal over the top on some blocks, the put on a pile of oysters. Throw a wet towel over them and they steam open.

My secret is when I was a kid, I had a pet chicken.

...clearly a rebellious phase; I'm so glad you moved on to better yourself. <lol>


In Stereo. Where Available.
I'm one of the last true believers in the Food Pyramid.


Hey man, look at me rocking out!
Aside from furry stuff? I guess I'm a pretty open book lol. But my dad... He's a mormon extremist. Naturally, he doesn't know I curse, drink, have had premarital sex, drifted far from Christian beleifs... tried druuuuugs

It's kinda lame. I'm like barely a full person when I'm around him.

Name any TV show and there is 99% chance I have never watched it
Saaaame. They take up so much time! I dont know how people see everything... I prefer films


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I have a fat fetish and I don't have sexual thoughts but I still get aroused somehow??


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Somebody told me about their idea for a patent like, 4 years ago.

It wasn't a good idea, but they asked me not to tell anybody else- and I never have spoken about the details of their idea.


the usual sexual fetish everybody has but never shares with anyone(usually). For me this fetish would be vore and FtM sex


I frequently watch gore online
Not a secret anymore that I post this, but I have a medical/mutilation fetish. Only in art, thankfully, and only on rare occasion.