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Secundus preparing Master's morning ensemble.

reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
I'm a writer, not a visual artist. Still, I wanted to share this with you. This is the first commissioned artwork related to the stories. Many thanks to DarznWolfe for the beautiful portrait.

In this dystopian world, where the wealthy can buy life itself, others must pay the price for their extravagance. Meet Secundus; personal valet, housekeeper, cook, and long-term slave of the most powerful man in the expansive Bio-tech industry. Its twenty year review is coming up. It will never again look at its long life of servitude in the same way.

Secundus for web-small.png

Excerpt from the story:
It woke up at dawn. Whatever the clocks might read, at whatever point of the globe it was on that day, Secundus always woke up at dawn. Reluctantly, it stirred from the warmth of Master's embrace and gathered up a nearby pillow; to give Master something cool to hold onto in its stead. It carefully climbed down from the bed, walked into the bathroom and turned into the tub room to draw Master's bath. As the tub filled, Secundus quickly crossed over into the dressing room; being careful to stay on the carpet runner so its toe claws would not click on the hardwood floor. It hopped to the upper tier and walked along the padded rail to pause as it stood up high and retrieved a shirt from a hangar. It then squatted and reached down to retrieve a pair of matching pants below it.

Master will not be going out today. A simple, black belt with black socks and his favorite slippers will do. It hopped down to the floor and staged the shirt and pants on the rack, next to the center ottoman, then gathered the rest to add to this morning's presentation.