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Seeing as so many have asked...


I am considering building the foam base of my Axis head here sometime soon; probably in a couple of months. I am curious if anyone would be interested in me demonstrating exactly how I build my heads.

The rest of suit would have to wait longer until I get my commissions and such finished and shipped out. (For those that have contacted me on such things, please do follow up as to your what your status is on those. :3) Then I'll get an airbrush, the fur I'd need for the full body, extra foam for the digitigrade I plan on doing, etc. He'd call for hair and a mane, too. So, experimenting on my part.

In other words, this'd be a pretty all-inclusive video tutorial. :)

Axis would be this character, just in case you were wondering.

I'd need to dig up a video camera, though. Uggghhhh.


Avatar by Nirfirvious
id loove to see how a fursuit is constructed and i love your work so much glitch