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Seeking advice from people with more experience!

So I'm kinda new to the whole art thing still. I practically started drawing in the beginning of this year, but now I'm interested in sharing my art. That's why I joined Fur Affinity!

So the thing I need advice with is this:

I created my FA account with a different name than what I usually use online, because I'm not sure I want my parents or potential employers to see my furry art or NSFW art. The problem is I just commissioned a watermark/logo from someone (my girlfriend) and I'd like to put a name on it, but I don't know what name to use in the watermark. If I use my usual internet name I could use the same watermark in my other artworks too. Has anyone had similar struggles with their thoughts before? What are your experiences or thoughts about this? I haven't really thought everything trough because I was too eager to share my drawings with someone xD


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If it's just a regular logo, you could use your regular name and create a separate watermark for any furry content you post!


You could use your name and that would be fine, but if its not here are some suggestions:

Just the logo would be fine. The point of logos is to identify something with minimal effort, so there is no explicit need for a name.

Initials. If you use just your initials, it can be linked to you without furries being able to, say, look you up and accidentally out you to employers or family.

Company/Brand style name. "art by ___" or "___ creations" or something to that effect can be handy. A unique business style name can be memorable to potential customers if you're planning to sell.