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Seeking Art Trades (SFW only)


New Member
You can find examples of my work here

I am looking to practice anthro characters. Both clothed and unclothed are fine, but I will not be detailing genitalia. I'll even draw feral characters, if that's what you're looking for. In return, I'd love to see my characters rendered in someone else's style! You get what you give here. If you would like to do a sketch, then I draw a sketch in return, and so on (there is some wiggle room here).

Post below if you are interested. Include a link to the character that you would have me draw, which of my characters you will draw, and what type of art we will exchange. Forgive me, but I will not accept every offer that comes my way! I will be choosing who to exchange with based off of whose characters inspire me the most.

The types of art I will exchange include:
colored lineart
colored and shaded lineart
reference sheets
traditional art versions of anything here available, but are restricted to those attending Anthrocon 2015, so that I can bring the art to you there... Unless you want to pay shipping

You would be drawing Cricket (Feral | Anthro), Sandi, or Bernard

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open


Major Dumbbutt
I would be interested in trading with you! I'm not picky about which type of trade we do, but the more complicated it is, the longer it will take me. My character is Braelynn. If you're interested, please send me a note on the main site.