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Hiring: Seeking Artist for a Charr Commission! (Closed)

Dark Shadoan

New Member
I am seeking an artist whom can work with artistic freedoms as well as create imagery for a Charr; desiring something more along the lines of an action-oriented picture.

Must be able to make constant changes depending on how the image turns out without complaint or fee increase (no I'm not going to ask you to change the entire picture constantly. More like minor changes, like changing the posture or shape of a foot if I feel it isn't just right), and must be able to draw using screenshot references!

I am looking for something in the price range anywhere between $50.00 - $135.00 USD. I use PayPal for payments.

Interested artists should send me a reference of some of their work in a private message, as well as pricings as well as timeframe estimates!

This will be a full colored (and cell-shaded) commission, with flames, blood and special effects on the charracter in question!


Should be able to work within your stated budget, likely top end given the mention of ample "effects" and initial exploration sketches.

I worked as a industry concept artist and still do in the freelance circle, all options can and will be explored and nailed down to your likening with no complaints. (most of my studio work never saw the light of day, comes with the territory).

General Portfolio,

My FA Page,

Discord: IdleCanvas#8768
Email: IdleCanvas@Gmail.com

Thanks for your consideration,


Active Member
Hello! I am interested, and here is my FA gallery at NeoCanis, if you like my art, you can note me on FA, I am looking forward to be working with you. : )

Dark Shadoan

New Member
I've found an artist to work on my commission for me. Thanks for all the interest! I will re-open if it turns out the Artist is not able to work with me on the commission itself.