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seeking artist for generator rex comic


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the style can be either anime or generator rex. you will receive 10$ per inked and colored page. payment is every month on the 25th. deadline for applications is December 25th. please message me on this forum with both art and comic examples and ill pm you. please try to familiarize/be familiarized with generator rex.

must be able to draw:
feathered wings

minimum of 3 pages per month. maximum of 6 pages per month

you will have creative freedom to do as you please as long as you stick to character design and script.

a03 story link

wattpad story link
Generator Rex: a different kind of EVO - Animaster888 - Wattpad


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you had no responses... why? I'd still like to show you my art:


My prices My FA Page My DA Page

SFW, NSFW allowed

animated icon example

art examples :