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Seeking artist to draw some characters for a story I'm writing


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I'm fairly new to the forums, been a bit apprehensive about asking for help, but what I can I lose? worst people will say is no right? xD

Anyway currently in the process of writing a Fantasy / Steampunk story, all the races involved are Beastmen, I'm looking for someone to be able to draw three of the main characters if free time permits.

I don't have any picture references, but I do have a rough description of their outfits and their general fur, eye colour etc, never been the best when it comes to full thorough body descriptions, so here is a rough overlay of their descriptions and what they wear.

Character #1 Reid Llewellyn
Age - 23
Gender - Male
Race - Bearryn (Bear)
Profession - Alchemist
Eye Colour - Amber
Fur Colour - Light Brown
Build - Stocky, broad chest/shoulders
Height - 6ft 5"
Personality - Gentle, Laidback, Easily Embarrassed
Outfit - Dark brown Beret, white undershirt, thick dark brown leather jacket, black leggings, knee high dark brown boots.
Equipment - Dirk (Long Dagger), Focus Crystal (Bracelet), Alchemy Satchel

Character #2 Flynn Baird
Age - 18
Gender - Male
Race - Fenrian (Wolf)
Profession - Hunter
Eye Colour - Purple
Ear Type - Large and Fluffy with a slight point
Fur Colour - Light Grey
Build - Stocky, well built
Height - 6ft
Personality - Stern, Kind, Stoic
Outfit - A small gold loop earring embedded within his right ear, and a small lilac gemstone hangs from the tip of his left ear. A sleeveless dark grey jacket, chest and stomach exposed, thick black pants with purple markings going in a zig zag pattern on the sides, black leather walking boots.
Equipment - Hunting Sword, Longbow, Throwing Knives, Grappling Hook (Bow Attachment), Cloak (Night Black)

Character #3 Anna Oakwell
Age - 21
Gender - Female
Race - Cait Sith (Cat)
Profession - Inventor and Research Assistant
Hairstyle - Single Ponytail
Hair Colour - Reddish Brown
Ear Type - Long and Pointed
Eye Colour - Green
Fur Colour - Auburn
Build - Slim and Petite
Height - 5ft 5"
Personality - Blunt, Deadpan Snarker, Curious
Outfit - White silk ribbon, red goggles, a studded silver earring in each ear, white and Red sleeveless tunic, black writing on back of tunic, says "Trickster" in ancient Saith, white leather fingerless gloves, red frilled skirt, white modesty shorts, white criss-cross sandals.
Equipment - Rapier, Main Gauche, Focus Crystal (Necklace), Researcher's Journal, Repair Tools.

Sorry for the long read, anyway these are the three I would potentially like drawing if possible, all in SFW manner of course. its something I've been looking to seek help for, for a long time

Don't have a particular style of drawing that I would like, don't mind a basic sketch, chibi art and so on, anything at all would be perfect. Whatever your preferred style is basically is perfect.

If anyone is interested and needs more descriptive information on their appearance I'll provide whatever I can. I do have documents with a bit of backstory on them as well, to give a rough idea of who they are / their lives.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time.
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Hi Naesaki,

I'm not sure if I have time to draw all 3 of you're characters but if you wouldn't mind I'd like to have a try at drawing Flynn. I've been wanting to try my hand at drawing a canine of some sort for a while. I haven't drawn many to be honest only one a long time ago for a friend.

Please note that these were drawn 4 years ago so I hope there has been improvement in my art since then hehe :)

Feel free to browse my FA and WEASYL (Both linked, FA to the left and WEASYL in sig) to check out my art and let me know if you would like me to have a go at drawing Flynn.

Thanks :)


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I'm happy for you to draw whatever you are comfortable with, I wouldn't expect someone to do all three out of the blue, I want this to be a nice bit of fun for everyone, to try and practice things, If you need any more information on Flynn I'll do my best to tell you what I can, there is backstory I've written I can provide if you need it, just send me a PM and I'll provide it :)

I really like what you've drawn In the past, I love it :D :)

I've mentioned in the build descriptions Flynn is stocky, well built......so in my mind its like of like a little chubby, a bit of muscle but no like "muscle definition", If you aim to do a full body picture that is, I am very happy with anything you decide to draw
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Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity for allowing to draw him as well as practice and will do. Only question i have is if he's all grey or does he have any particular markings on his face or on his arm ?

Thank you very much :)

I may try for a full body and will do my best with his build. Something I could surely use the practice hehe :)
Thanks again I hope you will like it when it's done.


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Oh yeah the tips of his ears are purple, forgot to mention that, other than that, no facial or arm markings, thank you again for taking the time out for this :) Really excited about this.


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Ok thanks for your quick reply :) No problem at all and thank you as this also helps me grow my skills. Me too, looking foreword to drawing it. Yay new things :D lol
Feel free to message me if you'd like to see progress,I'll make a start on it now and going to try full body I think.


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Oh one last thing I forgot to mention, sorry about this, he has a purple isosceles triangle on the right side of his face, nearish to his nose