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Seeking Commission for Feline Head


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Found a maker~

I'd like to commission a head based off this character of mine. I was looking at getting one from ByCats4Cats but they don't do head only options anymore (and I'm really only looking for a head). I want to get better at suit making by being able to examine how other makers make their heads as well as get a really cool new head.
The white goes all the way around the neck and is a partial mane that is just down the backside (the species has a ridge of fur from the top of the head to the base of the tail). I can draw up more examples but for now this is the only good one of the character.
Looking for:
-3D eyes, resin would be best or high detail non resin
-Possibly light up eyes
-Fluffy partial mane
-Airbrushed or sewn spots
-Movable jaw (not 100% required)
-Realistic jawset
-Semi realistic look overall (face is most similar to an angular hoise cats but I will give more examples later)
-Not picky about if resin or foam base
-Extra fluff on cheeks
-No deadline but I want a reasonable time-frame
Budget is $1200 (can go higher if your heads are amazing) and I'd like to work with a payment plan. I can put down a down-payment right now though.
Please show me your feline and fluffy heads.

In case you are wondering his name is Xziin and he's a Taraz.

I'll be editing in the ref because I'm on my cell and it can be a butthead.

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I would love to take up this project! I would be working on someone else's resin base, and all of the stuff you listed I can do. I haven't made anything quite like that yet, but my examples are here: http://imgur.com/a/goeeK and for something like that, I would charge $700


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Actually already decided a few hours go. I was dropping by to update the post that I was no longer looking.