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Seeking Critique and/or Resources for Beaks


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Hi! I'm Khep, and not traditionally a furry artist, but now that I'm playing DND on the reg, I'm drawing fewer human characters and really want to expand my skillset. There are a lot of tutorials I've found for mammals, but a lot less for birds & reptiles (fewer still for beaks in particular) and I'm currently really struggling with a magpie aarakocra for my DNDB icon (attached).

Beaks are... so difficult... and I'd really appreciate any critique, assistance, redlining, resources, or anything at all that can help from someone who has more experience than me! I'm hoping that this is the right place to reach out, I wasn't sure where else I could go to ask.

Thank you!


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It looks ok...seeing your drawing made me remember about warner bros character named tweety. They actually did released some of her design sheets....