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Hiring: ($50+) Seeking Digital Artist for Protogen Commission (Reference Sheet)

Dark Shadoan

New Member
Artist must be willing to make continuous changes without complaint or issue as I expect artwork I commission to be done to my needs and specifications, I will not force you to scrap and restart once the sketches are completed but expect colors to be changed if I find them to not mirror what I expect.

I have a base image to which this new one will be made with changes to body type, appearance, and adjustments made to them.

I intend to have a casual clothing attire, combat armored attire (including a weapon), as well as a nude variant with numerous head poses and close-ups of hands, feet, as well as various expressions of her visor.

There will also be needing to be a segment to the sheet which does implicate vore with a swollen belly, so be advised if you are not comfortable with such be aware this character IS used for vore interactions.

If you are interested send me a direct message either over this medium or on FA directly to "DarkShadoan" (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/darkshadoan/) with a note or message privately and show me an example of your artwork. I would prefer the artist be experienced with drawing Protogen. I am not desiring inexperienced artists at this present time, sorry.

Attached below this post is an image showing the reference image I have had done prior by NegaNeon but I wish for changes to her body and appearance to be made to make the character more 'unique' to my needs.

Thank you!


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