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So, I'm pretty new to the whole furry community. Been fascinated with this stuff for a long time, but recent events gave me lots of time and I decided to be bold and take my first steps here. Hope to meet others, make friends, have fun, roleplay and whatnot! Still learning all the ins and outs, so to say.

Anyways, I am not an artist (I'm more a writer), so I have to commission art of my Fursonas/Furry characters (Anthro characters). The thing is is that I can have more general ideas of them using references and descriptions (e.g. color palettes, species, etc.) as well as stuff such as personality, backstory, and universe.

But I am unable to provide precise specifics when prompted (e.g. the actual fur patterns, color patterns, etc.). So during the whole design process, I am more than willing to give creative liberties to the artists if they can help improve the design better than my own ideas.

Right now my budget is anywhere from $5 to $80, depending. I have several characters I hope to have help designing them and brought to life through art. Because of current circumstances, I do not have as much money to spend on this as much as I would.

Feel free to drop your commission sheets below or message me. I am more active on FA though. If you wish to contact me, I do have a FA account of the same name here (if you wish to drop a note: Userpage of Colonythread -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

TLDR; seeking artists to listen to my inane ramblings about fursonas and help me make their designs


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Hello, I'm interested too. My ref sheets(custom character designs) go from $50-$90 depending on complexity. I'm also open to working off of a character's personality or even just a colour palette.
Here are links to my gallery and the full price list for more. Feel free to ask for any additional info :3






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Heya! I have experience creating characters from text only, and I work very closely back and forth with clients. I also have all the free time in the world to help you hash out designs! I also have a wide range of commission prices! Here is some of my work:



And this one below was created specifically from only text description:

And my commission prices here:

I'd be more than happy to help you out! If any of my work catches your eye, just send me a note here or on my page at Userpage of Quroypeco -- Fur Affinity [dot] net! Best of luck finding an artist that suits you!


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I'm open :) You didn't say if that was your budget per character or for all characters. Regardless I'll leave my price sheets here:

_Combined price sheet small.jpg

To see more of my art you can check out my FA gallery: Artwork Gallery for pimpartist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If interested, feel free to contact me via a note on FA, a message here, a message on Telegram at @pimpartist or send me an e-mail at thepimpartist@gmail.com, whichever works best!
Thank you!

Best wishes,


what you're doing sounds super interesting!! my base prices for full reference sheets is $70, but if you'd be happy with just one view per character, my full body flat-coloured designs start at $25 (if you're doing more than one, i can give you a discount on that!)

here's my FA gallery where you can find examples of my style: Userpage of skyphile -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

and here's an example of my custom adopts and reference sheets specifically: