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Hello there! I was previously on FA but quit that account to reconstruct a new one, and in doing so, created a brand new mascot I need some art of! Primarily I'm looking for an icon right now!
I've got a budget anywhere from as low as $5 USD to as high as $20 USD, but I'll go a little higher depending on your quality/prices, so don't be shy to post your icons/avatars!

I really like saturated colors, I want something that pops, maybe a bit more stylized and anime-esque in nature for this than the usual art I have of him.

You can find a face reference here;

I also have a very lovely piece by rif-art that captures pretty well his aesthetic and shows an alternate hairstyle of his!

If you have any interest in him, feel free to reply to the thread and I'll do some snooping. I'll PM anyone with some more details if I'm interested! Thank you for your time!​


Hi! :) I'd be interested, I really like the look of your character. Most of my older posts on FA feature anime characters but I do have some more recent ones in comic book commissions. If you are looking for an Avatar give me a shout. I don't typically do CGI since I don't own a tablet but for an avatar it could be doable in flat colors or I could use markers. Hope I hear from you! ;)
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Hey! I could do a bust shot like these for 5 dollars!
RYUUKA.jpg aztael 4.jpg
while I havent done any humans in this style heres an example of a quick sketchy ref thing I did to give you an idea of my human style !

If your interested feel free to PM me or gmail me at kutsikats@gmail.com ! Thanks for reading!


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Hi, I am interested too. Here are some examples of my icons:






Flat-colored icon: $6 USD
Cell-shaded icon: $11 USD
Digitally painted icon: $17 USD
Animated icon: $22 USD

For more examples featuring humans I recommend checking out my DeviantART: sushy00's DeviantArt gallery

Please note me on FA (or DeviantART) or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


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Hey there! I make it a point to practice humanoids just for an occasion such as this! My headshot prices start at $15, and each piece is drawn using traditional materials. You can find my TOS and other prices here! Below are linked a few of my favourite human or human-esque figures. You can see them full-size in my FA gallery, linked in my signature.

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I've recently been doing icon-ish things in the following style:

Most of my art in general can be found here. The price for something like above would be around $ 10, a more normal headshot would be $ 12.


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Hello! I'm open for commissions and I would draw an icon for you with pleasure. I mostly draw humans and humanoid characters but I always like to expand my abilities.
Here are my main sites: dA and FA
For a highly rendered portrait icon I would charge as for normal portrait so it would be 15$ but we can discuss the price.
If you are interested, please sand me a dm on dA or FR c:
Take care!

And some examples c;



hi, id love to take up your commission! i dont usually make icons, but im no stranger to drawing humans. an icon would be about 10 dollars, but you can see my other prices here and my gallery here
some examples of my work:


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Heya! I would be more than happy to make an icon of your OC! :D My icons are $20 for flat color, and shading is $30. Here are some examples of my human drawings: [Sample 1] [Sample 2] [Sample 3] [Sample 4]
Feel free to go through the rest of the gallery or my art Tumblr to get a better feel of my style.
If you'd like to get a hold of me, I can be contacted through PM here, FA, or my work email: neganeon@gmail.com
Thank you for your time!



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hello !! i do humanoid art that you can see in some examples below. i do 'jagged' icons for $15 usd which are veeery stylized and vibrant ! i think it would suit your aesthetic well for your character.
msg me if you're interested, i need to work more with humanoids for these icons and would love to have your mascot be one of my victims ! >:3c
here are examples haha
<--- the icons are usually 400x400 :eek:
and heres a human example for u


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Hiya, I charge $20 for headshot icons that look like this:


Doesn't have to be fully in this style/layout though.

If you want more samples, or are interested, message me!


Hi Hi! I you are still interested i do icons too. Here are my prices

and some recent examples

Dont heistate to note me if you have any questios. Have a wonderful day!