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Seeking Negotiable Artists for Commission!


New Member
Hello gang!

I am seeking an artist that can design multiple characters in one illustration inspired from the anime Beastars. The first character will be canon and the three individuals involved in the illustration can be original characters. The concept of the art piece is of Louis sitting on a throne, and on his left a handsome lion stud, and on his right a handsome wolf. Kneeling at his feet would be of course a handsome looking tiger as well.

I'm looking for artists who are easily negotiable with prices! I also accept trades! I am a writer and have done writing commissions before on various furry related topics. So if you wanna make a trade with me that's fine as well! Please send me a DM through FA and or send me a note on Discord OneGrumpyWerewolf#9592 (NOTE: Please tell me you're from FA if you send me a Discord message!)


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
Interested in your trading offer.
Style match is not an issue.
Can you show me some writing references?


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
I've read your stories. They're not exactly what I am looking for.

The dialogues exchange between characters is not very strong; ooc at times. Overall they feel a bit flat, Existed only for the sexy bits.

Do you have a dialogue heavy piece? Conflict of interests, drama, and the like. Maybe a duel of words/ arguments between characters showing their more colorful personalities?

I am seeking writer(s) to help with the dialogue part of my game... mainly because I write terrible dialogue.