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Seeking: Ref Sheet and/or Character Creation


Hey guys!

So, I'm needing a reference sheet for my character, Aaria. I would like it to be moderately detailed, showing her feral and anthro form would be preferred. I don't know what all goes into one really, so offer away!

I'm also in the process of creating a new sona, a deer (possibly deer/otter). I'll be needing someone to help me design the character since I can't draw and my imagination has issues envisioning characters otherwise.

My budget is about $30, but could go up to $50 possibly.

Offer away!


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Hello! I could do a ref sheet with both feral and anthro fullbodies, flat color, with a simple background and character info for $40-50. I could design you a deer sona (I'm an antelope!) for another $10 since your budget is tight. c:

My FA is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kestrels/ and here are some examples:




Let me know here or in a note if you're interested!


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Hi! i would do like to do your request! here some example of my art!
In addition, there is a special offer: If you commissioned a design from me, you can get a second free from :iconvalethehowl: just go here-->http://www.furaffinity.net/user/valethehowl/

character profile 15$
: (Simple)
- (Detailed-warning NSFW)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14767923/
Big draw 20$:

little draw 10$ (NSFW):
draw with multiple character 40$ ( 3 or more...):

CHIBI 10$ or more:


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Heya! I'd be willing to do a ref of the character with each angle being $24! Some examples of my work are:


Hello there!

I'm more into feral art than anthros, but I could do a detailed reference for your character (as quadruped/feral). The price would vary, depending on what you'd like to have on that ref-sheet! (Some close-ups for example.)
I also could do some concepts for the other character which you're creating - and if you like one of these concepts, I could draw it in a clean way, too. :)

Here's my price- and example-chart! That's my style of art: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16369016/

If you like my style and would want to order something, you can contact me via note over there at furaffinity.

Kind regards!


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Hello, I'm interested! Shoot me a note if you'd like anything :3

here's some refference sheet examples I made before and my price list:
30$ for fullbody + headshot, 40$ for 2 fullbody views, 50$ for 2 x fullbody views and a headshot



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I am open for refference sheet commissions. I usually charge around 25$ for a reference sheet with 1 main pose, 3 sketchy poses and two headshots like so:
For the anthro part of your reference, I could add around 2 main anthro poses and 2 pose sketches + a couple of bust shots? All would cost around 50$. (or less if you want less poses/ headshots)
If you are concerned about my humanoid drawing abilities heres an example of my other character reff Im working on :

Have a nice day,


Maybe you want to look at my Gallery I offer Exclusive for the Furaffinity Forum Refsheets (and if needed Character Creation) for 25$
Normaly this is my single Character Fullcolor Price, so its a nice deal ö_ö



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My char sheet prices are not within budget, however! I charge $45-$50 for character design, so if you're interested there, let me know! I've drawn both deer and otters.

Otter: Blitz on Toyhouse
Deer: Doe on Toyhouse

The first few in each gallery are not mine but the rest are. (first 4 in the otter one and the first 1 in the deer one).

General example:


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Hello! I can do one like this for $40.

Although my style and work has changed a bit since this piece so the art would look more like this.

I can also add on things like, a breakdown of the characters clothing, 2/3 half body poses or 2/3 full body poses for extra money. If you're interested please either note me on FA at ochyahime, or email me at megapunsaddict@gmail.com.


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Hi there! I don't have any examples of ref sheets, so I'd be willing to do one for $50 for anthro and feral forms. If not, I could also draw your deer/otter for $30! It sounds like it would be really cute!
Artwork Gallery for PrismaKitty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Please feel free to check out my gallery for some recent work I've done!
I hope you find the perfect artist for your needs! Thanks for the opportunity!~