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Seeking RP partner


New Member
I'm looking for those who frequently use discord as a means to Rp and talk with friends!
I'm looking for mostly SFW roleplays and people whoa re interested in more long-term roleplays and relationships between characters. That being said I prefer when Roleplays have a little premeditated structure but flow through creative form.
My preferred RP style is script, but I can write lit as well. I have a few characters who I wish to establish relationships with and this will be a new experience for me. I am not used to rp-ing my anthro characters!
I will RP:

After a while of knowing someone I may be more open to NSFW roleplays.
Please let me know if you are interested! I am really looking for those with similar style and interests to mine!
My discord is Itamiko#9609, friend me and tell me you found me on here!


Ya know, I feel like I should stop trying. :)
I'm interested, I have sent a request on Discord.