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seeking some critiques


greetings furs, first off, thank you for taking a peek at this thread, it's very much appreciated.

I'm currently working on a picture, a defeated (mentally and physically) minotaur all chained up in a prison holding cell. The picture can be found here (warning: minotaur in image is nude).

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6052992/ (NSFW).

I know there's stuff wrong with it, it feels off. but it still looks like its fine. so I'm hoping a fur or two out there can give me a few tips on what to change, what needs work, etc. Since its my first time posting here, and kind of receiving critique in general, please be honest and go easy on me.

oh and one more thing, if anyone has a good tutorial on backgrounds, that would be appreciated. what I mean is, like how to build a believable background, that doesn't look like it was tacked on afterwards.

Again thanks for your time and effort.


Kisses for everyone!
some small things off the top of my head:

the body structure of the character seems a little conflicting? Like, there's a 'heavier' look to the character (as in, the body/torso is not as well defined muscle-wise) but there's defined muscles on the side and it's confusing me. I'm not sure what body type you were going for so I just wanted to point that out.

Also, for a very heavy, defeated look, the arms don't seem to be very stretched to support his weight. Like, to make that position the character is in, it'd have to be very intentional - using the back and abdomen to hold himself up instead of his arms. I also don't know why you didn't include the hands because it makes a strange composition and is kind of distracting. (same with cutting off the knee!)

Hope this helps!

EDIT: As far as 'tutorials' on backgrounds, you're better off learning the basics of perspective and doing studies of backgrounds to get the basic 'idea' of how they work, then work with a reference that is within perspective of the character you're using. If you were going to add a complicated background for this, I would have planned for it in the original sketch; it's very hard to paint a background in after the figure and have it not look super wonky. ;P haha. Anyway hope that helps as well.
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His right arm seems so wrong, I dunno why but it bugs me to no end. I tried to do the same pose and the way his arm is bending doesn't seem possible. It could be the placement of the muscle or how you muscled the arm all together. Take a picture of you in the same position and angle and maybe you will see what I am talking about.


I'll definitely be taking your advice, once my mate wakes up I'll see if I can get him into a similar pose so I can refer to that. Also, it'll help me with the arms and making them look like they're being stretched correctly. I'll also keep the body structure in line. again, many thanks guys.
REDLINE: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6208675/

First, it looks funky because of where the image cuts off. Generally, you want to avoid cutting off around the knees and elbows. For one, it leads the eye off in odd directions, and two, it makes the drawing seem unfinished. You're working digitally, so there's no reason to have to cut anything off.

Now, to help make sense of the mess I made up there: The position of his arms would stretch out his pectorals a bit, even if he is on the flabby side. Right now, they're saggy in a way that suggests his arms are down.

His right arm (our left) looks weird because it's not really connected to anything. The shoulder needs to be closer to the body, and that will help pull everything together.

Aside from his shoulder and the wonky composition, this is otherwise well-done. I like the idea of a character that skirts the line between heavy-set and fit.