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Seeking the services of a Artist for a large reference sheet

Ryu Deacon

Director of Furry Statistics
I am seeking the services of a artist who would be open to doing a reference sheet for my 4 armed OC Darou here www.furaffinity.net: Pleasure by Madness_demon (nsfw)

I'm looking for something in the ballpark of 350usd but perfectly open to a higher price in the form of a payment plan.

- this ref is to be custom made and size in regards to the amount of details and fullbodies is expected to be similar to this https://orig00.deviantart.net/505e/.....ry-d7qtq5m.png (example of size, not style), il provide a full list to the artist I end up picking.

- And yes the ref will include genitalia and genital detail shots.

- foremost you should know your anatomy please, as i am seeking realistic or semi-realistic styles, not toons or chibi's.

- feather like scales and plating would be defined as well.

- also i do have a preference of working close with the artist thru out the process so if you dont like interaction then please state that. this includes potentual edits along the process. If you can stream, please let me know.

please note that I may not accept payment upfront if you have a excessively long query (1 month+), il will be asking you to show me this if you do not have a link to your query on your page. And don't lie.

If you are interested you can comment here in this thread or contact me thru my FA or Email, please include some form of contact in your comments as I don't regularly login here^^;. *FA-FORUM PMS are ignored

Please provide samples of your work and a break down of your prices.

Email > ma.terrax[at]googlemail.com
FA > rin-u


Hello! I'm interested! Can you tell me more details?







You can take a look to my gallery if you wish too :D

Artwork Gallery for huskyfog -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Commission Info for huskyfog -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


hello there! im interested in your job offer but i have a few questions.
'' please note that I may not accept payment upfront if you have a excessively long query (1 month+), il will be asking you to show me this if you do not have a link to your query on your page. And don't lie.'' - do you mean queue ? as in, other commissions ahead of yours, or turnaround time?

some info - i cant stream my work, but i can work through discord through the process, changing things as you go.
i cant give a solid quote without more info, but it would fit within your budget

my email is: beastfang98@gmail.com
FA: Userpage of MorgueBuddy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Website with prices and TOS: morguebuddy.weebly.com: MorgueBuddy
Tumblr: morguebuddy.tumblr.com





Active Member
Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out your commission.
This is the link of my portfolio in the artstation: raidez.artstation.com ( check out my portfolio for more sample styles )


I could help. Here's a few relevant examples (NSFW):

Price would depend on how many details you would like and what style, but for similar to how you linked but with a more detailed painted style, I could estimate $300 usd.

www.furaffinity.net: It was you, wasn't it? by MausC

www.furaffinity.net: Twoo Wuff by MausC

www.furaffinity.net: Fireside by MausC

www.furaffinity.net: Possession by MausC

www.furaffinity.net: Electric Appetite by MausC

www.furaffinity.net: Daylight Come and Melt the Ice by MausC