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Seeking volunteer writers, paid writers and sample reviewers


Vampire worldbuilder
I am building a world called Taerel. In the world of Taerel there are many ages, right now I am working on the Shattering Age, an age where the world has been sent back to the stone age by vampires hunting human communities down for 400 years, forcing them to constantly scatter and only exist in small, fragile tribes. By the time of the Shattering Age, the "humans" (Called "zu'aan" in my world) have started to make cities again that have clawed their way back to ancient era tech. The age before that was the Awakening Age, the hat will be worked on once the Shattering Age is finished. The Awakening Age was a time of war and chaos, even the dreaded "atomics" (nuclear weapons) were used in war. In The Awakening Age, the world was filled with roaming kin'toni clans and small zu'aan tribes, using the failing remains of old-world tech and stone age to iron age technology. I have not defined much about any ages before the Awakening Age/

Our website and Discord (linked on-site): https://taerel.com/wordpress/index.php/about-taerel/

Our wiki with all finished content is here: https://taerel.com/wiki/index.php?from=&to=&namespace=3000&title=Special:AllPages

We are seeking volunteer writers and sample reviewers, please read these for info:

Volunteer writers read this: https://taerel.com/wordpress/index.php/volunteer-as-a-writer/

Volunteer sample reviewer: https://taerel.com/wordpress/index.php/volunteer-as-a-sample-reviewer-now/

We are seeking Paid writers: https://taerel.com/wordpress/index.php/take-part-and-be-paid/ - Stripe is needed in order to be paid

Update #1, 19:11, 25 July 2022: I am still looking for 2 paid writers, I have 2 slots to fill.

Update #2, 20:03 26 July 2022: My budget is not changing, please do not ask, imply or suggest, it is FIXED. Any suggestions of the like will lead to you being blocked
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Please stop bumping this, can get reported for spamming.
AFAIK your allowed to bump your threads in like, requests and art sales and such from time to time.
Why they haven't been banned yet will forever confuse me. They NEED to be banned ASAP for scamming.
While I think it's questionable business practises and I'm not supportive of FAF hosting this, I wouldn't classify it as a scam. It#s just very badly paid.


From out of the rain.
This is correct. I think the gap is 24 hours, but doing it this often across ALL their frankly oversaturation of threads is petty, childish and reveals their true mentality. They think they can get away with this, and to an extent, FAF is enabling he/she/them by not taking swift and harsh action on this behavior. If they can ban members for x thing, surely this crosses a line SOMEWHERE in their TOS.
then we can ping @Flamingo and see.


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The user may bump their thread once a day per the Upload Policy. :) If you have nothing to add to this thread or are tired of seeing it, just mute it.


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