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Seifer-a description


The Iron Maiden Loving Wolf
Name; Seifer
Height 6;1
age: 14
eye color blue/red(no color pigment in left eye)
My Fursona has a sad background,in the war against the trolls he was captured and for refusing to speak had his left arm severed brutaly with a kotetsu (samurai sword). he then was returned to his base and after extensive surgery has had his left are replaced by a thought controlled Minigun/RPG launcher (gun is inter changeable by undoing a couple of screws).
Description of appearance:
Seifer is rather tall,6 foot to be exact,and is rather young.His left arm was lost in a war and replace by a minigun, but is right arm is qute muscular.he has dark grey fur with a white and fluffy chest, on his right eye he has a scar that goes from the right corner of his eye on the brow to his cheek.
his legs are quite muscular and he has digitigrade paws. on his right arm he has a tattooo "XII"