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Self Challenge: Create a Fursona with Me~!


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Okay, so! The goal of this thread is to develop a fully fleshed out Fursona by the end of this.
Alrighty, so you guys will submit a total of 5 different submissions for every subject!


Subject is Species!
User 1 : Dog
User 2 : Cockatoo
User 3 : Porcupine
User 4 : Tiger
User 5 : Sphynx Cat

I will then use a random number selector to select the winner. After each subject has been decided and then I will produce a drawing/sketch based off of winning subject, adding more and more as each subject gets decided.​
I hope that this makes sense!

Here is the list of Subjects:
Subject #1 - Species
Subject #2 - Fur/Scale Color
Subject #3 - Personality
Subject #4 - Markings
Subject #5 - Marking Color
Subject #6 - Age
Subject #7 - Clothing
Subject #8 - Unique Trait #1
Subject #9 - Unique Trait #2
Subject #10 - Name​

Remember, in order to keep things under control only 5 different people can submit for each Subject!
This will also stay SFW. If I feel that anything is NSFW, then that submission will be ignored.

UPDATE #10 & Final : Name Chosen!
Hi! My name is Buck! I don't know you but I love you!

Final Subject was graciously submitted by @Aprilycan

Look at him! He is so cute!
Thank you, to everyone who took part in this challenge!
I normally have trouble producing art on a regular basis but I'm happy that everything went so well with this little challenge. The fact that so many people have taken to enjoying this little challenge blew my mind!​

I think I might turn this into something that I do monthly. Do you guys have any ideas on how I could improve this process? I've already decided that I'm gonna try to open it up to the main gallery over on Fur Affinity!

But what do you guys think?
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Hmm....species....maybe you could go outside the box with this one. I'm going to bring up some species I saw on my many travels across the internet. There's....let's see....I saw Spirit Guardians...Nimbats.....Kobolds.......dragons....Dutch Angel Dragons....those are the ones I can name so far. In terms of unique ones. These can be fully outfitted with your own customized touch, like a signature clothing piece, (An example I'll include is i like to add a red scarf to every character, see what touch it adds) item, belonging of the character, or a distinct styling, like alt. color schemes and such.

Vesper The Coyusky

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And we have the 2nd Subject Winner!

So the Colors will be a Peachy Pink and [color=E5CB90]Cream![/color]

Sorry, I have a limit of 5 entries per subject. But the next one is active now!​
My apologies. Ok how about shy personality. Corgi fursona is shy, but once you become good friends with him/her, he/she loves to chat and have a good time with those around him/her.

Stray Cat Terry

This is getting interesting. Imagine a goofy corgi with peachy pink fur(and butt)....

I see my heart is gonna melt down soon. =^w^=


Ok just noticed the OP update.

Aww that's cute... And shall be the very first and the only corgi I saw here, and I love corgis...!

Stray Cat Terry

Or butt because corgis have one of the best butts out there UwU