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(Adopt/Character) Selling: selling 6 adopts, $5-15


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Since I've had no luck selling these adopts on FurAffinity whatsoever, I decided I'd try my luck here. I'd like to be free of them as I don't use them for much of anything, and I'd like to see them be appreciated and used more by other people if possible at all.

- Blue axolotl-dragon, $10. [AVAILABLE] Extra icon for $5
- Green axolotl-dragon, $10. [AVAILABLE]
- Gray deer, $15. [AVAILABLE] Made by rainandmaple on Twitter
- Pigeon, $5. [AVAILABLE] Made by furryfiltharts on etsy/furaffinity; open to trading designs from this artist
- The black dragon, $15. [AVAILABLE] Two extra icons for $10 ($5 ea)

Paypal only. Thanks for looking!


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