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Selling a tail, ears, and 2 head bases - MIGHT trade - No commissions


So I am trying to learn to make suits and its a slow process so ive decided to abandon attempting to make my own bases and buy parts instead. Because of this, I need the money, so i am selling items I don't need anymore.

Faux fur wolf tail on a ribbon | eBay

Poseable Faux Fur Husky Ears | eBay

Base 1
Fursuit Head Base - not finished | eBay

Base 2
Fursuit Head Base - needs lined and need eyes | eBay

Things to note:
.I will take payment plans on the bases.
.I don't do refunds.
.Tracking cost extra.
.It may take up to a day to ship since I have to wait for the money to go into my bank account, I have to find or buy a box, and I have to get a ride to the post office unless I wanna walk.
.I will keep you updated, sending a message and pictures (upon request, for proof that i shipped it) when I pack and ship the item, if you paid for tracking I will send you the tracking number aswell.
.If you have any questions or concerns, please inbox me.
.I will take payment straight via paypal if you'd rather buy it instead of bidding.
,All payments I accept are:paypal, Money Order, Cash
.I live with tons of animals! I come in contact with cats and dogs and so do my supplys

Am I willing to trade?

I am potentially willing to trade but i do need the money, however i will trade for the items below

.High quality drawing tablet with all the parts, in working condition, that has a screen on it - Will trade for this for sure, especially if you throw in a little cash, anywhere from 5$ to 10$

.Finished Fursuit Parts of one of my sonas - less willing to trade unless I love your work and you throw in come cash, about 10$ - 20$

.Fursuit Parts I am already trying to get, I have a list, please message me for them - I will trade for this only if you can buy me multiple parts I.E a base, a yard of foam , and new scissors