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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling all of my Fursonas ($5-$200)


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1F042D20-A99A-480B-93D2-535148E2C387.jpeg Hello all. This has to be one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but unfortunately I’m afraid to announce that I will be leaving the furry community.

There are a lot of things going on in my life and I’ve just been completely neglecting something I’ve put so much time and money into.

I don’t want any of my Fursonas to just sit in the back, collecting dust. I want them to be cherished and loved just as I love them. So, I will be selling all of my babies.

This will not be an easy process for me, so please only ask about them if you are sure you’d like to adopt one or more. I deeply love all of these guys, and holy hell I’m going to be sad to see them go.

All of their prices are based upon what I have spent for their art, so I’d prefer to get as close to what I can to the prices listed below, but for the right person I’m willing to negotiate. Especially with Silas and Eudoxia as those two are my main babies and it will be excruciatingly hard to let them go.

Silas and Eudoxia are the only really pricey ones, and that’s mainly because of all of the money I have spent on art for them.

Below, my main Fursonas ars listed. A link to my toyhouse will also be listed below with other Fursonas posted on it, feel free to browse through them and let me know if you see one that you like and we can negotiate a price. Not every piece of art is posted on toyhouse, so there is a high possibility that you will receive more art than what is listed on there. There are also other art of my Fursonas attached to this piece but please ask for more information.

There are some requirements that are posted at the very bottom of this post, please read them if you are interested.

Species: Wolf/Dragon
20 (possibly more) pieces of digital art
Preferred if bought along with Eudoxia, as they are mates

Price: $200 USD OBO (dropped drastically, as the actual price would be around $400 for what I have paid for her art)

Species: Vultrix
10 OBO (possibly more) pieces of art
Preferred if bought along with Silas, as they are mates
Price: $150 USD

The price to buy Silas and Eudoxia together is $250 USD OBO

Toyhouse: Silasx on Toyhouse
Please view my other Fursonas if you would like and message me an offer, we can negotiate from there.


Silas requires 18+ for one of her pieces, so please provide proof that you are 18 years or older if you are interested in her (in private message of course) or you will not receive the NSFW piece of her.

Payments made through PayPal only please.

It is not required that Silas and Eudoxia are sold together, but I would highly recommend it since a lot of their art is of them together. Password: Wild

Please be patient with me, as I will be very picky about who my babies go to.

Art credit: Art of the Beast, nicolethebluecat


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