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(selling) Icon commissions-limited slots available


Artist for hire / Duchess of bad puns
Hello, I'm Deisori and here I have 6 slots open for Icons!
These are through PayPal
Icons are only $6 flatcolor, $7 with shading, and $9 with a added background(shading included with BG), price may slightly rise for overly complex characters.
Turnaround time usually takes 1-3 days depending on complexity.
Here are some examples from the past few months
hatane1.pngiconhyena1.png01.png1zebra.pngbeeper icon.png
Hmm Icon1.pngRen.png1editraptor.pngBazooka.pngho.png
You can send a DM through DM here OR my FA page

commissioning terms of service
If payment is less than $10 payment should either be made upfront OR at first WIP sent to buyer
Commissions over $10 may be paid half upfront than the other half at or near finish
I have the right to say no to commissions without stating why. It has never happened but in the possibility I want you to know.
All commissions are through PayPal and are is USD
Any questions can be through DM either here or through my FA page